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  • Are you excited about your child's sports team? Do you want to capture great action photos of the game and avoid the disappointment of blurry, out of focus photos?

  • Do you want to learn how to use all the features of that new DSLR or Mirrorless camera you just acquired?

  • Are you already a competent photographer but want to improve your sports shooting technique and learn how to gain access and credentials to major events?


Join New York sports photographers Warren Rosenberg and Clark Thompson in this one day workshop where you'll learn how to use your digital (preferably SLR) camera to take stunning photographs of live action sporting events. In this class and hands-on workshop, participants will learn the elements of good action photography composition, equipment requirements, selecting the proper camera settings, positioning yourself to take photos with the most impact, and post-processing and displaying your sports and action photographs. The class will involve lecture, demonstrations and discussion. Participants will gain actual experience photographing a live sporting event with one of the course instructors and having photographs published in an issue of MetroSports Magazine. Among the outcomes you'll learn are:


  • What makes a great sports photo

  • Composition for sport and action photos – knowing what makes a compelling sports photograph

  • Camera Shooting Modes:  Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual

  • Positioning yourself for the best action shots, knowing the sport your photographing

  • Lens selection - prime lenses vs zoom lenses, maximim aperture, image stabilization/vibration reduction

  • Tripods, Monopods, Panning

  • Selecting the right aperture, shutter speed and ISO

  • Selecting the right autofocus mode

  • Exposure metering

  • When to use single frame advance or burst mode

  • Handling challenging lighting conditions

  • Understanding the game

  • Anticipating where the action will be

  • Achieving motion blur with panning

  • Venue, fans and off-field photo opportunities

  • Editing and post-processing

  • Establishing an online portfolio

  • Legal use of photographs

  • Publishing your work

  • Selling your work

  • Gaining access, obtaining credentials, how to behave when shooting with the pro How to get credentialed

  • Have your work critiqued by pro-sports photographers


All participants who sucessfully complete the classroom-based workshop will have the opportunity to sign-up for an actual field-work session where you'll be credentialed as a photographer for the New York Sports Photo Group or MetroSports Magazine to participate as an event photographer. Your best photos may be eligible for selection to be published in MetroSports Magazine (www,



Warren Rosenberg Sports Photography
Clark Thompson Sports Photography
Warren Rosenberg Sports Photography
Warren Rosenberg Sports Photography
Warren Rosenberg Sports Photography
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